Dance Company

Revolution 360 Dance Company

Revolution 360 Dance Company provides performance opportunities for our Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Modern, Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Flamenco students throughout the year. Membership is by auditions, usually held late summer/ early fall. Rev 360 dancers compete in high – quality competitions in Texas and attend challenging dance workshops taught by the nation’s leading dance instructors.

Rev 360 members have been awarded top honors for their artistry, performance, dance technique, innovative choreography and beautiful costuming. National and Regional Scholarships have been given to Rev 360 dancers by the faculties of NYCDA, Jump, NUVO, 24/7, Tremaine, Velocity, ASH, Art of Movement and Dancemakers to name a few. Rev 360 members contribute generously to our community by performing city-wide at SA Spurs and Rampage games, retirement Communities, elementary/middle/high school events, churches and museums. The goal for the Revolution 360 Dance Company is not to win the trophy; it is the growth and inspiration that the dancer experiences on his or her journey in this Company that is the ultimate reward.